Reader: Jail Time is Nothing Compared to Animal Testing

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Amerijet will continue taking off with monkeys in their cargo bay.
Today's comment of the day comes from an article we posted earlier in the week called: Amerijet Won't Stop Shipping Research Monkeys.

In it Juice writer Michael J. Mooney published a letter that Amerijet wrote to the president of ARFF which said, in part, "we stand by our decision to transport animals and will continue in the future to serve the needs of our customers for animal transport."

This incensed many of our readers who are staunch animal rights activist. Our favorite of the activists' comments is after the jump. Clearly they are willing to go to great lengths.
For the animals I will fight 1 day ago
So when is our next protest? I am ready, They think they can intimidate me HA! like I have said in the past a little jail time is NOTHING COMPARED TO WHAT THESE POOR ANIMALS GO THROUGH ON ANY GIVEN DAY. FUCK YOU Amerijet... let the games being..

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And David Martosko, I hope you get exactly what you deserve for abetting cruelty, misery and death.

Vivisection is a lie
Vivisection is a lie

Why is their a blog post about a single comment on a blog post? Seems pointless. There were many well thought out comments you could have picked from that provide legit arguments for the protests of Amerijet.

David Martosko
David Martosko

I hope this anonymous poseur gets what he's asking for.

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