Reader: Liberals Have No Place in Presidential Seat

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Oh hello reader.
When it comes to Congressman (and former torturer of Iraqi police officers) Allen West is never short of staunch supporters. Our favorite comment today comes from a post called "Westworld, Part II."

Sitting there so patiently among the Allen West haters and Bible thumpers was a comment by Joseph L. Cooke, who seems to believe that liberals are have no business being president. See the full comment after the jump.
The sooner Allen West is President, the better.

2012. No liberals. No exceptions.

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What about Hallandale? Sure miss Tom.


When liberal Bill Clinton left office, the U.S. Treasury had a $300 billion annual surplus, and we were paying down the national debt. Conservative moron George W. Bush comes in, enacts gigantic, unnecessary tax cuts, rigs the banking laws to benefit the hedge fund wise guys and put unaffordable mortgages in the hands of deadbeats, and launches two untenable wars (one of them merely for Iraq's oil reserves), gets 4,500 kids killed and thousands more disfigured for life, and fails so spectacularly that a half-white African with a Muslim name is elected in a landslide. Now our intelligent conservative friends want to go back to all that. Really? What exactly are they smoking, anyway?

Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

On Mr. Cooke's facebook page, he lists two of his "likes", McDonalds and The Bible.

I think that speaks for itself.

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