Allen West's First Week in Office: He's Against NPR, Peace, and Children

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Thanks, Congressman, it's been a great first week.
In a recent Facebook note to constituents, Congressman Allen West wrote, "I do not believe in fear-mongering leadership. No one follows an individual who panics or instills fear in tough situations."

Yet the Republican who represents a large swath of eastern Broward and Palm Beach counties spent his first week in Washington supporting causes rooted in fear.

He signed on to co-sponsor legislation that would end federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.Ah, yes. NPR , with its earnest stories on micro-financing and U.S.-Chinese relations, is such a wasteful agent of evil.

Then he supported a bill that would deny U.S. citizenship to children, born here, whose parents are illegal immigrants. Really courageous move.
What kind of grown man is so afraid of the people who cut the grass and clean the homes of his constituents that he takes his wrath out on innocent kids?

And finally, in the same Facebook rant, West takes a jab at um, peace. He says he saw "the taxpayer funded Institution of Peace.  Funny, I thought that was the business of the Pentagon."

West was referring to the U.S. Institute of Peace, a nonpartisan organization that works to resolve conflicts in places like Afghanistan and the Balkans.

For a man who resigned from the Army after being accused of assaulting an Iraqi prisoner, the Pentagon might seem like an agent of peace. But the average American doesn't usually picture tanks and smart bombs when praying for a more conflict-free world.

Happy birthday, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Leroy Whitby
Leroy Whitby

What a coincidence. West is against NPR funding. So are his constituents. It's a waste of money. They can sell advertisements like every other media company. West is against anchor babies. So are his constitutuents. Nobody other than the far left wants more illegal immigrants. And the far left is a small minority of the country. And what is the "Institute of Peace" and why are we funding something none of us have ever heard of? He's right.


. Good Reporting . I am a Hard working , God fearing American citizen who is alarm with the ultra conservative tea party divisive views and policies positions that this representative brings to Congress . The more he act on this tea party direction ,the more this will result and assure the return of a Progressive Democrat . One thing u forgot to mention that his almost C of staff Joyce Kaufman comments on her conservative radio pogram and tea party rally encourage hiefher followers to pick up the Guns if they don't succeed with the Vote.My nieghbors and her 9 year old Daughter were terrified when when Pembroke Pines Police had a school Lock Down because one of her listener took her uon this call to Violence.


I respect your right to write, but in a sense I find the delivery lazy. In a time when many Americans are scaling back on "luxuries" because budgets are tighter than ever before, we should not vilify the Federal Government for finally doing the same thing. I would argue that the idea that a broadcast medium being funded by the government is a conflict of interest. We criticize other countries whose broadcast channels are state owned, so this should be no different.

The immigration law is a tricky one, but again it's about action. We are in a crisis. One where we see one of the highest rates of unemployment in our history, yet we open our doors. Part of the American resolve is compassion for those fleeing their countries for the hope of a better life. But, removing emotion from the equation, there needs to be a fix, right? What solution would you offer? Me? I'd say lets target the countries with the largest defection and start discussing ways to clean it up. Start asking why people are fleeing. It is 2011, and some of these countries still don't have running water or are hampered by diseases that we learn about in history books from the 1800s.

But, we can't help other countries until we right the ship. So a temporary change in our immigration status could be a compromise. As far as West's actions as a soldier, we should not stand in a glass and throw stones. Warfare is a hell that people voluntarily sign up for. Consider that without the service of he and others, there is no website like this.

As for calling this lazy, I want you to know that I mean to only offer some insight. You are in a position to write for an audience, inform and educate. I don't know how old or young you are, but my guess is this is one of your first writing gigs -- or just a stop. From the looks of the site, there is little guidance as to what you cover -- just be the anti-journalist. Well, in a sense, you are just like every other blog site offering the same opinion. If you want to be the anti-journalist site, remove yourself from the writing and start demanding answers to tough questions. But, certainly keep your passion. There is no coincidence that the lull in our society is directly proportionate to the fall of the newspaper industry. I urge every writer to keep that in mind as they educate their readers.

Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

West couldn't carry MLK's jock. Fifty years from now, we'll still be celebrating his birthday. And in 10 years, no one will remember West.

Eager Patriot
Eager Patriot

Contrary to your lopsided writing, Congressman West is exactly who we need in office. He is not afraid to say what the hard working, God fearing American is saying. He does not hide behind "political" cross-talk, rather speaks the truth no matter who is offended. We could learn a few things from this man.


West is just delivering what he promised his constituents. Hate, idiocy and lunacy.

Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

"We could learn a few things from this man".

1) How to pick a Chief of Staff;

2) How to stuff an innocent man's head in a barrel of sand and shoot a firearm directly next to his head.

3) How to incite a mob to make your political opponent afraid to come out of his house.

4) how to be an Uncle Tom.

P.S. Did I leave anything out, God fearing American?

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