Lee County Taxi Drivers Facing Background Checks

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia Commons
Do you know who's driving your family around?
Last week, we brought you the story of taxi drivers who must wear socks. This week is a little bit different.

According to NaplesNews.com, Lee County is considering giving cabdrivers background checks.

Wait... what?!

Yes, you read that right. While travelers in Hillsborough County have to worry about whether or not their drivers are covering up offensive toenails (which, for the record, are meant to make the passenger feel comfortable), travelers in Lee County should now wonder whether their driver has gotten a DUI, robbed a bank, or even has his license at all.

Naples News' report quoted Commissioner Ray Judah as saying, "I'm embarrassed we don't have background checks that are required or photo IDs." 

The county plans to talk to the private taxi businesses about tightening the rules. They can't predict an outcome yet due to budgetary constraints.

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