Top Five Videos of the FAU "Green Mann"

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Earlier this week we told you about how the anonymous, dancing FAU student known as "Green Mann" held an official unveiling ceremony. Though it was the middle of the day during end-of-semester exams -- one of the reasons Green Mann kept the ceremony so short -- there were still more than 400 students gathered to watch. There was dancing, sign-flipping, several suit-removal fakeouts, an entertaining unmasking, and a great deal of mutual appreciation.

Green Mann is... Michael Buonaiuto, a 20-year-old commuter student. With 4,000 friends on Facebook, Buonaiuto is nothing short of a campus sensation.

Students see him dancing along the sidewalks, conduct brief, one-way interviews with him (before the unveiling, Buonaiuto did not speak while wearing the suit), and even boo school faculty when they call the police on him. And they videotape it all.

There are hundreds of videos circulating around Facebook and several more on YouTube. If you've never encountered the green one, here are five videos to help you get acquainted.

Green Mann gets down to FAU tunes
You give him music, he dances. It's that simple.

An interview with Green Mann
This kid has charm even when he doesn't speak. More than a few girls around campus have crushes on Green Mann. "He has a good body, he likes to dance, and he never talks," one female student told me. "That pretty much makes him the perfect man."

Green Mann in a dance-off
Part two is here.

Green Mann gets arrested
He walks into class, strips down to the suit, and dances. The professor immediately calls the cops and takes Green Mann outside. The two best parts of this video, posted by a student in the class, are: 1) When the professor tells the class, "Shut up! It's not funny!" and someone yells back, "Yeah, it is!" 2) When you hear a student say, "Our evil teacher is holding the Green Mann hostage." And when the professor comes back into the class, she receives an extended BOOO from the students.

Green Mann unveils himself
(Another angle here.) It's safe to say, this won't be the last we'll be hearing from this kid.

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