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Someone constructed a mock memorial wall for outgoing Mayor Ken Keechl that included, yes, a bag of poop.

You can see it in the photo; it's the "suitable parting gift." The wall, located not far from his "campaign headquarters" in Wilton Manors, was removed yesterday, but we have it here preserved in photography.

That's a play on another issue that I don't think helped the mayor, his pushing of the rather infamous doggy death penalty ordinance. It mandates that dogs be euthanized after one fatal bite on another dog. 

Keechl was moved to act when one of his small dogs was attacked by a German shepherd. After a couple of controversial cases involving dogs Gigi and Brandi, it likely cost him some votes.

I was sent a close-up picture of the parting gift, but I thought I'd spare y'all that.

Big news just in: Florida Democratic Chairwoman Karen Thurman has announced she's stepping down as chair. You'll remember Jeremy Ring called for her to quit, and there was a little movement on Facebook to remove her. One group wants Alan Grayson to take over. Looks like old-timer Rod Smith is going to make a run at it.

I wrote about her collusion with Broward County Chair Mitch Ceasar in a couple of issues, including a post last weekend.

One down. One to go.

So what is Ceasar doing after Broward Dems' abysmal showing in the election? What's he up to while his divided and dysfunctional party tries to pick up the pieces? He's working on his stunted and seemingly ill-fated comedy career. Inside, see his loopy attempt at comic relief in an email he sent out to DEC members from Democratic headquarters today. 



From: Chairman Mitch Ceasar

A Fun Change of Pace

Somali Pirates Refuse to Board Carnival Cruise Ships Cite 'Unsafe Working Conditions'

MOGADISHU - In yet another public relations setback for the beleaguered cruise ship company, Somali pirates today said they would no longer board Carnival Cruise ships, citing "unsafe working conditions."

"If Carnival thinks that it's going to be business as usual between them and the Somali pirates, they need to have their heads examined," said Somali pirate spokesman Sugule.  "We Somali pirates may be bold, but we're not crazy."

The pirate said that the recent fire that crippled the giant cruise ship Carnival Splendor "has sent a shiver through the pirate community."

"We Somali pirates face enough risks without dealing with decks bursting into flames," he said.  "And don't get me started on the nonfunctioning toilets."

When asked if the Somali pirates might attempt to board Carnival ships in the future, he responded, "I am telling me hearties that if they were thinking of pillaging a Carnival ship of its booty over the holidays, they should make alternative plans."

Carol Foyler, a spokesperson for Carnival Cruises, said that the company "would be working overtime to win back the pirates' trust."

In the meantime, Ms. Foyler said, Carnival would be unveiling a new slogan in the weeks to come: "Come for the fun, stay for the raging inferno."


I'm not sure if Ceasar authored that thing, but remember that he has tried his hand at standup, which ended in disaster on NBC-6's South Florida Today show in 2007. On the show, then hosted by Tony Segreto, Ceasar unveiled some really bad jokes about the recently deceased Anna Nicole Smith's sexual provlivities and breast implants. The jokes were not only tasteless; they were way too soon. It was so bad that Segreto yanked the Democratic chairman off the show. "We wanted to apologize for some of the comments [Ceasar] made," Segreto told the audience after Ceasar was politely escorted from the studio. "We certainly did not expect the comments that he made today to come out the way they did. As it is now, NBC-6 is not planning to have him back on the show."

Yeah, Broward Democrats, that's your leader.

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