Deadlocked Jury in Leyritz Trial


UPDATE: This just in: The jury is deadlocked in the Leyritz trial. They're apparently ready to call it a hung jury, but Judge Marc Gold is trying to get them back in there to try again. That's right, we're looking at a probable 'nother go-round. Call it: Leyritz Trial II, The State Strikes Back.

Heading into the weekend -- after a slow news week in Broward Town -- here's a shot of School Board member Jennifer Gottlieb (alas, she's no longer chairwoman) and Superintendent Jim Notter (from Blacktie South Florida). It's from a Broward Education Foundation event in May that was, yes, '80s-themed. JenJen nailed it, Notter not so much. The Madonna impersonator who performed there I'm told was fantastic.

Now I've just got to figure out what the Broward Education Foundation is really all about. The board of directors is stacked with all the usual suspects: Rick Kolb of the Weitz Group, Bob Legg, Bill Ellis of Pirtle Construction, and fake ethics champion Roy Rogers.

These names may not mean a lot to some, but to those who know the business of the School Board, they're just scary. Putting these people in charge of a nonprofit education foundation is like having your dog guard your steak dinner. Things likely won't turn out too well.

Speaking of Leyritz, the jury is still out. 

Inside, see a story about corruption told primarily in photos.

OK, let's start with this photo. It shows Gottlieb, lobbyist Barbara Miller, and their BFF Sandra Coleman chumming up the way they're wont to do.

Moving on, we have a photo of Miller's lobbying partner, ol' "Notorious Neil" Sterling, with criminally charged former Broward County Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin.


Sterling put Mitch Kraft (shown with his wife, criminally charged former School Board member Stephanie Kraft) on his payroll:



Of course, Stephanie Kraft, while her hubby was on the School Board, steered the board's $1.7 billion health insurance contract to Vista, a company represented by, yes, Neil Sterling.

Sterling also helped former School Board member Beverly Gallagher get a cush job before she was indicted in an FBI construction sting.

Yet as politicians fall, it seems the person at the heart of the matter, Sterling, is avoiding serious investigation.

Let's remember now, going to back to that first photo, that Barbara Miller, Sterling's partner, has been State Attorney Michael Satz's campaign manager and all-around political guru in past elections. He's friendly with the whole Miller clique, as evidenced by this photo:


That's Satz and Sandra Coleman, Miller's BFF again.

Now listen, I'm not criticizing Satz or implying that he's neglecting his duty because of political and personal relationships. Get this straight: His office is in the midst of an historic corruption sweep, and he deserves credit for that (so far). What I am suggesting for is that he appoint a special prosecutor to delve into Sterling's dealings at the School Board.

That's all. Now let's finish with this one:















Yeah, that's the Madonna impersonator at the Broward Education Foundation event. Told you she was good.

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