Photos Outrage Some Democrats

Charlie Crist Facebook
Crist with No. 2 Broward Democrat Diane Glasser at a meeting in Margate.

​Don't they look happy?

You'll never get Broward Democratic Party state and national committeewoman Diane Glasser to admit she supports longtime Republican Charlie Crist in his independent bid for the U.S. Senate. As a Democratic district leader, she simply can't do such a thing. It would be wrong.

Here's what she told the Miami Herald after she backed former Republican Jeff Greene in the Senate primary over Kendrick Meek (an act of heresy among Democratic purists itself):

"I'm a loyal Democrat... I'll be there to help [Meek]. Whatever I can do I will do," said Glasser.

But on September 7, she went to a meeting of the 10-13 Club -- a group of retired New York City police officers -- in Margate to hold court with Gov. Crist. Photos of the two of them showed up on Crist's Facebook page and have angered many core Democrats.

"It's despicable," said Michael Albetta, president of the Dolphin Democrats and state president of the Florida GLBT Democratic Caucus. "When it's good for them, they talk about loyalty. But when it's good for them, they cross the lines. Why did they go with Jeff Greene? Ask yourself that."

Glasser attended the meeting with another Democratic leader, Percy Johnson. Also there was Democratic Area Leader Jack Shifrel. Not only did Glasser greet Crist at the meeting but she attended a dinner with the governor afterward at Trattoria Bello Ciba on Margate Boulevard. Also at the restaurant with Crist were Sheriff Al Lamberti, lobbyist Jack Tobin, and others.

More interesting photos inside. 


Is this a loving gaze?

Below the governor poses with Percy Johnson, far right, a Democratic leader who is said to have no love for Meek. Also in the photo are Terry Scott, far left, and Joy Brown.


Here's a good one:



Here you have Crist embracing lobbyist Jack Tobin and Democratic Area Leader and political consultant Jack Shifrel waiting for his turn.

Margate journalist Mitchell Pellecchia recently did a piece touching on Tobin's legacy:

Margate, a city with a torrid political past and governed by commissioners who have been on the dais for decades. A government known for no-bid contracts, poor financial management and their affiliation with Margate lobbyist Jack Tobin, a former Florida State Representative and Margate City Commissioner indicted on charges of bribery in the early 1980s.

Tobin was eventually acquitted, but it remains a mystery (or maybe not) why Margate politicians continue to associate with Tobin who, as a Florida State Rep, earned the name 'Lobster Boy' for his gluttonous penchant for lobbyist-paid lobster dinners at Tallahassee's The Wharf restaurant.

Known for being too cozy with lobbyists, Tobin resigned from his state seat in 1998, surfacing two years later as a lobbyist himself and eventually jockeying the City of Margate as a client.

Since, Tobin has provided campaign backing for many a Margate City Commissioner - commissioners who Tobin parades private clients before in search of incentives which, if granted, become profitable ventures for Tobin and his company, Jack Tobin and Associates.

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