UPDATED: Anti-Lobbyist Politician To Party With Lobbyists

​So much for that.

Barbara Sharief, who won the Democratic primary and will almost surely fill criminally charged Diana Wasserman-Rubin's seat come November 2, said while running her campaign against Angelo Castillo that lobbyists wanting to influence her would have to meet with staff and present their case in public meetings.

She said she doesn't meet with lobbyists.

Well she does now apparently.

Or maybe she only parties with them now.

Above is the invitation to an October 4th fundraiser for Sharief -- who has a token Republican opponent but has no real possibilty of losing the election -- thrown by those rascals at Becker & Poliakoff, the firm that employs lobbyists Bernie Friedman, Alan Koslow, Neil Schiller, Yolanda Jackson and others. These guys just love showering politicians with swank parties -- this one is at the Riverside Hotel -- and lots of money.

You'll remember they advertised for a general election fundraiser for Mayor Ken Keechl before he even got past Bev Kennedy in the primary. Becker & Poliakoff also threw a fundraiser for Dale Holness after he won the election to take the seat formerly held by current jailbird Joe Eggelletion. Like Sharief, Holness faces only token opposition and doesn't need the campaign money.

Sharief should have rejected these influence peddlers, but she didn't. It doesn't portend good things to come. After the jump, see and hear Sharief talk about her distaste for lobbyists back when she was a relative innocent. You know, a couple of months ago.

UPDATED: Sharief has told the Sun-Sentinel that she was basically snookered into this and really didn't want to be affiliated with a Becker & Poliakoff fundraiser. See the jump for more.  

 Since posting, the Sun-Sentinel followed on my post (I won't say stole, especially considering who was behind it) and Sharief said Friedman called her and said her position on lobbyists was "refreshing" and asked if she would mind meeting with some business owners who don't have contracts with the county. "But I want you to understand something," she said she told Friedman. "I don't want this to have anything to do with Becker and Poliakoff. I don't want any fund-raisers with those crazy invitations you send out. ... I was very, very clear and very adamant. I did not approve that invitation. I had not even seen it. I think it's outrageous. I think the invitation is crazy over the top. I didn't approve that, and I'm very upset.''

Then however someone emailed me the text of an invitation from lobbyists George Platt, Sidney Calloway, Alex Heckler and others for ANOTHER fundraiser being thrown for Sharief, this one at the Tower Club: 

George & Anne Platt, Sidney Calloway, Alex Heckler, Anitra Lanczi, Michael McAllister, Susan Telli

are pleased to invite you to a fundraising luncheon for

Candidate for Commissioner, District 8


The Tower Club
100 SE 3rd Ave., 28th Floor
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33394

Thursday, September 30, 2010
12 noon

R.S.V.P. to Jennifer Fields at (954) 524-5505 or e-mail: JFields@Shutts.com

Maximum Contribution: $500 per person or entity. If you or your company contributed to Barbara's campaign in the primary, you may now legally contribute again.

Please make your checks payable to Barbara Sharief Campaign Fund. If you wish to mail your contribution, please send to:
George Platt, c/o Shutts & Bowen LLP
200 E. Broward Blvd., Suite 2100
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

A contribution to the campaign fundraiser is a contribution to the campaign of Barbara Sharief.
Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Barbara Sharief, Democrat, Candidate for Broward County Commission, District 8.

Somebody's getting caught up in something here.

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