Jeff Greene's Party Yacht: The Insider's Tale From His Former Stewardess

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Photos provided by Sharyn Peach

Sharyn Peach has been in the news a lot lately, telling of the days she worked on the yacht owned by Jeff Greene, a candidate for U.S. Senate. Peach, from Fort Lauderdale, is lead singer of BitchFire, winner of the New Times 2009 Readers Poll for Best Band. She agreed to write a first-person tale about her days as a stewardess on Greene's yacht.

To see more photos from aboard the Greene's yacht, click here. Note: they're not safe for work.

Working for Jeff Greene on the Summerwind was an experience I was hoping to forget. I almost did, until about two months ago. I was sitting on my couch in Fort Lauderdale, watching TV, not particularly paying attention to the commercials. Then I heard it. A voice I haven't heard in four years. It made me cringe. I looked up and started yelling, "Oh my God! Oh my God!" It was Jeff Greene, running for U.S. Senate. Are you freaking serious????? Do people really not know about him and his past behavior? I still cringe when his commercial comes on.

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The Summerwind hosted celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

Working on Greene's 145-foot Choy Lee yacht was like being "locked" in Studio 54 in its prime. It was nothing short of "Sex, Drugs, and Techno Music." Celebrities, "hired" party girls, mayhem, and debauchery. I saw more tits and ass in one night on Jeff Greene's Summerwind than I have for the past seven years on South Beach.

I had recently moved from Boston to South Florida and was looking for a new career. A friend recommended the yachting industry, and I signed up for a yachting course. A recruiter came to me with the Summerwind opportunity in March 2006. I thought I had finally found the perfect job. The ability to travel and experience different parts of the world. Normally a graphic designer, I thought I'd try something a little more exciting. And that it was.

Moroccon Room.JPG
The "Moroccon Room" on Greene's yacht.
​When I first got on the boat, I was impressed with its size but not so much with its design. The crew seemed nice and welcomed me aboard.

Everything was great for five days or so, and then Mr. Greene got on board with two young ladies from California. Mr. Greene was demanding and condescending. He was never satisfied with anything. He was always yelling at the crew. Things quickly went from fun to frustrating, and I knew something wasn't right.

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From that point forward, I kept a journal. I detailed every experience I had on that boat for the month I was there.

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