Feds: Narcy Novack Is a Killer


​Federal prosecutors say they've solved the grisly and bizarre murder case of millionaire and Fountainbleu heir Ben Novack. And, surprise, they've arrested the prime suspect, his former stripper wife, Narcy, in the crime. From the Herald:

Novack, whose real name is Narcisa Cira Veliz Pacheco Novack, is accused of plotting her husband's July 12, 2009 murder, along with her brother, Christobal Veliz, and two others, one of whom is identified as the driver, the other the killer.

Authorities contend Narcy Novack let the killers into the couple's Rye Brook, N.Y. hotel room and watched as two men beat her husband to death. During the attack, she gave one of the killers, Joel Gonzalez, a pillow to place over her husband's face as he was being beaten to death, according to the federal indictment.

After the deed was done prosecutors allege Narcy gave Gonzalez a "jeweled bracelet" owned by the millionaire. Cold-blooded.

Inside, see a photograph of a key elected official who apparently likes to pretend to play cops and robbers and calls himself "Commish." UPDATED: I called the official in question and will be explaining the photograph that appears after the jump and some other things in the morning.

​Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Neal DeJesus, chairman of the Broward Ethics Commission. He's also a Cooper City commissioner, apparent preacher, and pretend police officer. The shot was taken during this year's Cooper City Founders Day Parade. 

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