Jason Andrews and Amanda Logue, Porn Stars Accused of Murder, Were in South Florida Just Before Killing

Jason Andrews and Amanda Logue.jpg
Jason Andrews and Amanda Logue in a photo posted to her Twitter account two days before the murder.
Two porn actors accused of murdering a New Port Richey tattoo artist spent the weekend before the crime partying in South Florida. Jason Andrews, a bisexual Chicago DJ and gay porn star, and Amanda Logue, a married blond prostitute from Georgia who's also made adult films, posted to Twitter often and texted each other just before allegedly bludgeoning Dennis Abrahamsen, 41, to death with a sledgehammer. The couple was indicted on first-degree murder charges by a Pasco County grand jury this week, nearly two months after the murder.

According to their Twitter accounts, Andrews (who sometimes works under the name DJ Veritas) and Logue (whose porn name is Sunny Dae) spent most of April and May partying in Florida, making porn videos, relaxing in the sun, and posting public messages declaring their love for each other. Their accounts are both filled with explicit photos of the two of them having sex.

Amanda Logue flea market shopping 5-12-10.jpg
Logue at a flea market in Broward, a stop on the way to Miami.
That weekend, both accounts mention driving down to Miami Beach for the Exxxotica porn convention. On May 13, three days before the murder, Andrews posted a naked photo of Logue with the words: "therealsunnydae is killing the Ass Fabulous."

A day later, he posted a photo of himself performing oral sex on Logue and wrote, ''therealsunnydae and I are killing time waiting for a party to find us!''

The next morning, apparently Logue left to see family in Georgia (where she is still married to another man), but Andrews stayed in Miami. She posted to her account: "hearveritas will arrive soon! Can't wait! Love you"

According to the Associated Press, on May 15, Abrahamsen hired Logue to have sex on camera during a party. Andrews waited in a car outside. The couple texted each other through the evening. Andrews told Logue to try to look inside Abrahamsen's safe. Police say they planned to murder and rob the man. ''I'm so glad you're really commited to this take. Keep eyes for a knife, etc for me!'' Andrews texted Logue as he waited.

From the AP:

Text messages retrieved from Andrews' BlackBerry show the couple discussed vinyl gloves, when other guests would leave Abrahamsen's home and what was inside a safe. According to an affidavit, everyone at the party left Abrahamsen's home around 5 a.m. May 15 -- except for Logue. Andrews waited outside in his car, still texting her.

''Just get him on his face either bash or tell me to get in and. Where to go.'' Andrews wrote.

''K I'm horny! I'm getting him to play music,'' Logue typed.

''Wicked. Ill just be waiting. Really. Take. Your. Time,'' Andrews replied.

Abrahamsen was found dead in his house by a family member some 18 hours later, facedown on a massage table with blood splattered on the walls and ceiling fan.

On May 16, the day after the murder, Logue, who has now told police she had nothing to do with the murder, posted to her Twitter account: "Taking it easy today with @hearveritas! Laying around eating popcorn and watching movies!"

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