Developer for Lauderdale Waterpark Has Struggled With Newest Attraction in K.C.

Schlitterbahn NB.Blastenhoff Beach.6.10.10.jpg
Photo from Schlitterblog
The Schlitterbahn water park in Kansas City, Kansas, has been a disappointment so far.
​Sprechen sie deutsch? If so, you know that Schlitterbahn is German for "slippery road," and Fort Lauderdale commissioners had better tread carefully in their dealings with the Texas-based developer that wants to put a massive water park on the land occupied by Lockhart Stadium, near the city's airports.

Schlitterbahn's most recent venture, Vacation Village in Kansas City, Kansas, has had a tough time of it. Weather delayed its opening till July 2009 and the economy was blamed for its being slow to draw more guests. A local blogger called Vacation Village a "bellyflop," pointing out that the new park was more expensive than two existing water parks.

And let's keep in mind that in Kansas City, Schlitterbahn isn't competing with an ocean coast for swimsuit-wearing customers. 

On the other hand, with Deepwater Horizon oil on the way, maybe it's time Florida develop tourist attractions that don't depend on the ocean. Or is that too depressing to even think about?

Here's a look at a promo video for Vacation Village that a KC tourism agency posted this week: 

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