With Middle East Policy, Rubio Goes Back to the (Dystopian) Future

Rubio 2.jpg
Marco Rubio is correct in saying that Barack Obama's policy toward Israel is a departure from that of past U.S. presidents. But in his Friday speech at the Republican Jewish Coalition, Rubio neglected to describe the Golden Age of Israeli-Palestinian relations produced by American diplomats' deference toward Israel.

Of course, that Golden Age doesn't exist. Because you can't be a serious broker of peace when you judge with a double standard. It rings out in virtually every line of Rubio's speech. He tells us about Israeli suffering and nothing about that of Palestinians. When the Palestinians attack, it's terrorism; when the Israelis attack, it's self-defense. Palestinians want war; Israel wants peace.

Aren't we informed enough to see through this? And isn't it time to try something different in the Middle East, like a little tough love for our ol' BFF?

Video of Rubio's panderpalooza after the jump.

Here's Part 2.


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