Famous Broward Murder Case the Subject of Cable Show

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Photo: Broward Sheriff's Office
Denise O'Neill
Denise O'Neill's 1995 murder case will be the subject of Friday night's episode of Forensic Files, a program on the cable network TruTV. Broward Sheriff's Office detectives figure to have a starring role.

The show highlights cases in which investigators have to build a case on the forensic evidence they find at a crime scene. In the case of O'Neill, that was the dog leash and electrical cords that were used to bind her. A waitress at Charlie's Crabs in Palm Beach, O'Neill was murdered in West Palm, then dumped in Broward, before her body was found in a Tamarac canal.

Luis Caballero was convicted of her murder and sentenced to death.

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every once in a while there's a case where the people charged in the crime truly deserve the most severe punishment possible. periodically there's a case where I feel the people charged warrant death. there is rarely a case where I feel it wouldn''t be that hard for me to be the one who imposes it. this is one of those cases when the animals involved especially the first two guys should be put to death. the mother of the victim had it right; burn them alive. for me to feel this way astonishs me but what they did to denise astonishs me even more. these so called men are the most pathetic pitiful despicable excuses for human beings I've seen. there are others equally as abhorrent but they are few and far between thankfully. these guys are such losers they couldn't pay their bills, had to have sex with magazines and by paying to talk to women over the phone because they could never get laid the way most men do. they gave themselves away because of their blatant stupidity. I hope if there is a hell they go straight to it. that one idiot the black guy said he made bad choices? are ya kidding? a bad choice is eating ice cream before bed. it isn't kidnapping, raping and murdering a human being or anything else for that matter. they are evil. why that guy got only 2nd degree murder is beyond me. that one asshole only got manslaughter while he sat there and did nothing and allowed those pigs to harm that woman in the worst possible way. I think of what that poor girl went through-I don't know how people can do such horrendous things. there aren't words to describe these monsters and what they did. I hate them. I hate them for making me hate them. I hope they suffer everyday of their miserable existence. they are a waste of oxygen. they should be tortured every day. that is exactly how I feel. I am beginning believe there is another species because there is no way any one who thinks that way and can do that kind of thing is related to me. I wouldn't cross the street to spit on these creeps if they were on fire. I would though look up and say well if there is a god you're doing your job today. 

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