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OK, it looks like Bova Prime is closed, probably for good. The amazing thing about that is how long Tony Bova made it last after Rothstein's implosion. One former employee told me it lost its credit and was basically a cash business for months, and we know Bova recently filed for bankruptcy. But now it's gone. Seems like an ode should be written for it, but we'll settle for a photo page instead that you can find after the jump.

At Bova, there was always intrigue, the place that helped get the best of Rothstein's partners, Stuart Rosenfeldt and Russ Adler. It was Rothstein's evil headquarters, complete with a secret elevator nearby leading to his office. The former owner, Anthony McDermott, claimed Rothstein ripped him off when he bought the restaurant from him and one drunken night hunted the Ponzi schemer down, where Meaty Alu and police had to stop him from tearing Rothstein apart. Then there was the lunch that led to the high-speed Bentley crash involving Moe Sohail and graced by the presence of Chief Adderley. At least we still have the drink-riddled receipt.

A lot of jobs have been lost, a lot of human damage done, several lives ruined. What a legacy, what a place.

[Plus, two Hollywood cops arrested in the "Walt Disney cop" fiasco (remember Dewey Pressley?). See the comments for the state attorney's news release].

MetroMix/Mychal McDonald

​Rothstein basks at Bova's grand opening on January 19, 2009, in the glow of Dan Marino with Kim, Tony Bova, and Bova's wife, Laurie. On the far left, you can just make out Footie's ear.

MetroMix/Mychal McDonald

​That guy from Entourage had his band there to wow the crowd with celebrity power. He also had girls hawking his vodka company:


Miami Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown did his radio show at Bova:



These patrons are posing during a Bova Thursday. ​

Remember the cigar lockers at Bova? A couple of big names there, including the sheriff's executive officer at the time. Video below:


Kid Rock came a calling.


​And the main attraction (for some).



Bye-bye, Bova girls -- you'll be missed.

(Special thanks to MetroMix and for taking the great photos).


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