Palm Beach Gardens Snowbird Loves Alma Mater So Much, He Allegedly Shared Fraud Loot

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Flickr: icesailr
Foul ball: Mazzuto played Ivy League sports but his business style belonged in the bush leagues.
Baseball's a funny sport. If you steal a bunch of bases, they put you in the Hall of Fame. But if you steal $15 million, they slap you with a felony indictment -- even though Vincent Mazzuto sent some of that wealth to the Yale baseball team.

According to today's story in the New York Times, Mazzuto is accused of using the proceeds of a $60-million pump-and-dump scheme to also purchase a $2.5 million home in Palm Beach Gardens. (If so, the property is no longer listed under his name at Palm Beach County Property Appraiser site.)

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