Meek to Use Elena Kagan to Siphon Moderate Votes From Crist

Crist headshot.jpg
The hard part of being the independent in a three-way race is that you can't always play it down the middle politically. Likely Democratic candidate for Senate Kendrick Meek is trying to force Charlie Crist's hand: Does Crist support the Supreme Court nomination of Elena Kagan or not?

In his Washington Post blog, Greg Sargent quoted from a statement Meek will be releasing soon:
"Governor Crist and Speaker Rubio stood together to oppose Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Will they stand together again opposing Solicitor General Elena Kagan's nomination?"
Can't wait to see how Crist will squirm out of this one. "I support whatever Supreme Court justice will be good for the people of Florida" or some such nonsense.

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