Devil in a Red Dress

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Pantry of Broward
No, that isn't an Ed Wood zombie in the purple dress; it's Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter about to hit the dance floor. And you'll notice she's doing it with same wild and mindless abandon she brings to her wacky political career.

Give Ritter credit -- it was all for charity. The photo was taken at the Pantry of Broward's "Dancing With the Stars" event, held March 13 (thanks to the commenter who posted the link yesterday). At some point, she changed outfits to the aforementioned red dress:


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Pantry of Broward
​That pose was but a tease. Soon she shed the train and gave the crowd what it wanted (or not):

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I do believe that's lobbyist-husband Russ Klenet shooting a photo in the suit in the background). I caution you now that the photos that appear after the jump cannot be unseen after you click. Don't say you weren't warned.



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Pantry of Broward
You know, in many Middle Eastern countries, women aren't allowed to reveal nearly that much arm. Goes to show how far we've come as a civilization. And how resourceful is Ritter to collect campaign checks in the green bucket from the dazzled crowd? Here's another photo, which comes perilously close to what a British Petroleum executive might call a "junk shot."


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Pantry of Broward

Seriously, though, give Ritter a hand. She was clearly a good sport, and it was for charity. I can't imagine (and would never want to try) any other county commissioner trying to pull off such a thing.

(Credit to photographers Jay Johnson, Darryl Nobles, and Bernie Weiser for the photos).

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