Boston Market's Revamped Test Locations in WPB Equal Big Sales

Courtesy Boston Market
The hotcase of sides is now a showcase of colorful pots sitting on top of a "stove."
Lane Cardwell grew up in Miami, so when the CEO was scouting locations to test changes in his Boston Market restaurant empire, South Florida seemed like the perfect place -- but he chose West Palm Beach over South Beach.

"West Palm is a sane Miami," says Cardwell, who launched changes in ten WPB locations on May 4. Today, the company revealed that the nondisposable silverware and plates, revamped serving stations, and increased on-location staff had produced a double-digit sales increase.

The locations also offer new side dishes and twists on popular favorites. "We've added a
loaded mashed potato, and it's immediately become our most popular side dish." Floridians have also been enjoying squash casserole and Mediterranean green beans, Cardwell says. "It's a little more sophisticated way of eating familiar food."

Each store's renovation costs less than $30,000. If the execs like the sales numbers after 90 days, they'll tinker with 14 more locations in Broward and Miami.

Have you been to the new locations? What do you think? Let us know in comments, and check out two more photos below:

Courtesy Boston Market
Another shot of the hotcase of sides.

Courtesy Boston Market
Rotisserie chicken, cheddar corn bread, Mediterranean green beans, and loaded mashed potatoes on a new perma-plate.

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