UPDATED: Father-Son Duo Both Charged in Joseph Morrissey Case

UPDATED: Still out of pocket, but I've already read the details about the day's dramatic developments in the comments. You guys have done an admirable job holding down the fort.

Son now arrested in murder.

The big news: Plantation police have charged the son, Randy Headley Tundidor, with the same crimes as his father, including premeditated murder, home invasion, kidnapping, robbery, and arson in the Joseph Morrissey case. Probable-cause affidavits, kept away from the public the past two days, are now flying around like hot cakes. Obviously the PD wanted to get all its ducks in a row with the arrest of Randy Headley Tundidor before putting out anything on his father. Click here to see the affidavit on the father's arrest.  

I have a feeling there are going to be a few more big twists and turns in this one. I simply don't have the time to read or analyze the affidavit right now, but Wise Old Owl gives us an interesting take in the comments:


Junior... is the one that cut the screen, went in through the window, and made them drive to



 the ATM. While driving back from the bank Junior was talking with "someone" on a two-way radio / device. Once back in the house, the couple was put back in the master bedroom with towels over their heads. Junior then takes the husband downstairs. It was at that time that I believe Sr. showed up. Sr. was pissed and eventually killed the husband. That's why Junior was first only charged with parole violation and then Sr. was charged with murder. I also believe that Junior will be charged in the murder (I kinda think I heard that he was already). What was bothering me is how the wife couldn't ID a 297 lb man. You can hide your face - but you can't hide 297 pounds. The affadavit explains that - wife NEVER saw Sr. - Sr. didn't show up until husband was downstairs alone and wife was upstairs.  

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