Sen. Nan Rich: Seriously, Florida, It's Time to Stop Humping Animals

horse romance.JPG
With the state finances in disarray, 2009 was not the year for Florida legislators to spend their valuable time passing a law that would make it illegal to have sex with animals. But this year, with the state finances again in disarray, maybe Weston-based Sen. Nan Rich will finally get her wish.

I guess our groundbreaking feature story last August -- which inspired a piece of art -- did not inspire Rich to abandon her legislation.


I won't go through all the moral arguments (check out the feature if that's what you want), but it really is a pointless bill. There are plenty of available laws -- animal abuse, for instance -- that can be used to prosecute someone who's caught doing the nasty with a pet or farm animal. But the best idea is to just simply tackle some other pressing state issue. There are approximately a thousand of them that deserve higher priority than bestiality.

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