It's Official: Brandon Marshall Coming to Miami

brandon marshall to fins.jpg
Flickr: Gabriel Christus
Marshall will look good in Dolphin teal.
Citing league sources, has confirmed reports that Denver Broncos wide receiver has been traded to the Fins for a two second-round draft picks.

Marshall, who's originally from Winter Park, is exactly the kind of big, productive receiver the Dolphins have been lacking. Some ascribed his huge statistics to the skill of former quarterback Jay Cutler, but maybe Cutler was the beneficiary of Marshall. Because while Cutler struggled in his first year after being traded to the Chicago Bears, Marshall posted his third consecutive 100-catch season with a new quarterback, Kyle Orton.

There are some character questions about Marshall, but almost every effective wide receiver in the league is an egomaniac. The happiest guy in the Dolphin organization has to be Chad Henne, who now has a legit number-one target.

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