Fainting 11-Year-Old a Sign that Fitness Council Needs to Work Harder

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Tebow: Nothing in the bible that says you have to attend all the Fitness Council events.
Isn't the Florida Council on Physical Fitness supposed to whip the state's kids into shape? If so, it's a bad sign when an 11-year-old boy faints in the Capitol -- while attending an event for the Council on Physical Fitness. From The Buzz:
An 11-year-old boy collapsed and fainted Wednesday in the state Capitol courtyard during a midday event recognizing members of the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness. A large crowd gasped as Dylan Wilson, a fifth-grade student at Roberts Elementary School, hit the brick pavement head first, making a horrifying sound.
Well, I guess we should be glad that there were members of the fitness council on hand, right? Apparently, they stood slack-jawed while Dr. Charlie went to work.
As Capitol police summoned help, Gov. Charlie Crist kneeled by the boy's head and used a red file folder as a fan to keep the boy cool in the 80-degree heat. "Just relax. Just relax," Crist told Dylan.
Where the hell was Council Member Tim Tebow?

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