UPDATED: The St. Patrick's Day Parade, Illustrated

Art Seitz

Here's the first shot from Fort Lauderdale activist and professional photographer Art Seitz taken at yesterday's St. Patrick's Day parade. Seitz, who gave the Pulp permission to run these photos, is good -- in fact, one of his U.S. Open shots was named as one of People magazine's photos of 2009.

This is not the best shot he took at the parade, just the most locally pertinent, since we have both Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Frank Adderley and Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti (who looks like he's wearing old-peoples' sunglasses). After the jump, we have the governor, Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl, the Fort Lauderdale mayor, a giant bunny, and more.


Art Seitz

​Here we have

our governor, the St. Patrick of the parade, along with an Easter bunny or something. ​Don't ask me why, and I don't know what the bunny has around his neck (asparagus?).

The following shot gives us a glimpse of our illustrious Broward mayor, Ken Keechl, his locks glistening in the sun:

Art Seitz

Moving on:

Art Seitz

​Wow, two of Rothstein's good buddies in one place. Scottie would have had a field day yesterday if he weren't incarcerated. Let's finish off with the following shot of Mayor Jack Seiler, Charlotte Rodstrom, Crist, Vice Mayor Bruce Roberts, and Bobby DuBose.

Art Seitz

And now one of my favorites, featuring Seiler and Crist on a Packard ride. Seiler looks like he's in one of those automatic snapshots they take at the ends of rides at Orlando amusement parks for you to buy.

Art Seitz
Great art, Art.

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