Pictures From Yesterday's Palm Beach Pride Parade

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One thing we noticed at this year's gay pride parade is that gay people pretty much look like everybody else.

Does this mean we have assimilated?

The high flamboyance of yesteryear, the antics of the Radical Fairies, the haute drag queens in their showgirl finery were not so much in evidence.

Mostly, these queers could've been your mom and pop. Your sister. Your kid.

Thumbnail image for 10peopleincar.JPG
(Come to think of it, maybe they were.)

The bikers looked like regular bikers. The Quakers looked like regular Quakers. The boytoys looked like boytoys everywhere.

There was also a conspicuous absence of the sort of ultratrashy showing-off that pride parades are famous for. We spotted no one waving a dildo.

No one simulating butt sex.

Thumbnail image for 5anotherbaby.JPG
On the other hand, there were quite a few babies.

And city commissioners.

And lots of dogs.

Although we did think this door-knocker, for sale at a Lake Worth gallery, would be the perfect gift for the man who has everything.

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