This Diary Belongs to Jeffie Epstein -- Keep Out!!!

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Hey, don't call this a "diary"; it's a JOURNAL, OK?

And Nadia says I'm supposed to write in this thing every day: She wants me to write about my "feelings" and all that stuff. But the real reason I agreed to keep this dia... I mean... JOURNAL is because someday when I am really famous, I guess the cops will want to ask me a bunch of questions, and anyway, how am I supposed to remember the names of all the girls who cavorted naked in my pool and had lesbian sex with Nadia? I'll tell you, if I had a penny for every "happy ending" some Yugoslavian sex slave gave me, I'd be a rich man!!

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Oh, wait! I am a rich man!!! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Wanna know something that really stinks? It's when somebody steals your journal and then tries to sell it for $50,000. Because this is my own creative property and everything. But between me and you, I never liked that gardener Alfredo Rodriguez; I always thought he had cooties. He was always hanging around like he wanted a piece of my action. As if!!!!

He must of thought I was pretty dumb leaving my diary around for anybody to snoop through or steal, with a bunch of names of underaged girls I'd humped and the date of the humping. I bet he was mad because me and Nadia and Maximillia used to say "P.U.!" whenever he came around.

But what Mr. Alfredo doesn't know is that I can make him "disappear" anytime I want to with a wave of the wand from my Amazing Magic Kit. Hey, it sure worked great to make my grand jury investigation vanish!

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and this moron is free?  this epstein idiot?  he writes like he's twelve years old, i cannot believe he is a billionaire!.  "ooohhh, here comes the gardner, p.u.!"  maybe the gardner had some body odor because he was actually 'working'!   not cavorting with underage girls.  lock this s.o.b. up and throw away the key!

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