Wait, So Broward Is Not a Hot Spot for Transvestite Folk Dancing?

transvestite square dancer.jpg
Transvestite square dancers: all dressed up, with nowhere to go.
Since October, Greater Fort Lauderdale has been enjoying the tourist revenue that comes with being a destination for transvestite folk dancers (from Canada).  It's all thanks to this article, which appeared that month in the Toronto Star, Canada's most widely circulated daily paper.

But this past weekend, the newspaper posted a correction to that story, revoking the region's status and breaking the hearts of transvestite folk dancers north of the border. Here it is:
CORRECTION: The October 17 Pink Planet story, set in Fort Lauderdale, erroneously stated that the New Moon Bar featured, "transvestites folk dancing." While this sounds like fun, it's a bit of a departure from the original phrase, which stated that there was "a diverse group of young women and trans folk [who were] dancing." The Star regrets the error, and recognizes that transgender and transsexual people have a diverse spectrum of their own and many of them do not identify as transvestite.

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