Hamilton Forman Dead at 90

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forman generations.jpg
South Florida Sun-Sentinel
Hamilton Forman (right), with sons.
Hamilton Forman, the man who was to Broward County what Montgomery Burns is to Springfield, died last night at age 90. The old man had a facility for making friends with powerful figures -- especially when it was a simple matter of writing a check to a campaign. That style of influence-building has been adopted by the generations of lobbyists and politicos who have come since. Along with his leading role in West Broward development and the formation of Nova Southeastern University, Forman will be remembered for his vast political machine.

On Broward Beat, Buddy Nevins has posted a profile he published about Forman in the Sun-Sentinel. Check out Pulp, too, where Bob Norman will be drawing from his reservoir of political reporting to fill out the Forman biography.

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