Broward-Based Physician a Hero in Haiti

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Let's give some recognition to the Boutin family of Fort Lauderdale for their heroic deeds in Haiti. Georges Boutin (Facebook profile here) is a 73-year-old orthopedic surgeon at Imperial Point Medical Center who is joined in Haiti by his daughter, Pier Boutin, and his physician son-in-law Mark Hyman. The group even brought a nurse and an anesthesiologist to assist in the surgeries.

But the Boston Herald report about their work in Haiti is grim. No power. They've had to use vodka for cleaning surgical instruments. And they have an endless line of dying patients. At about 1:45 in the video above, that's Boutin holding a hacksaw -- the team has been sawing off limbs to save Haitians from gangrene. The family is sleeping just a few hours a night on the operating-room floor.

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