Broward Health CEO Frank Nask's Job in Jeopardy

Frank Nask.jpg
Commissioner Robert Bernstein has asked that the North Broward Hospital District's board consider removing the public hospital's CEO, Frank Nask, after a year when the district was hit by a barrage of scandals.

The item will be placed on the board's January 27 agenda. District spokesperson Sara Howley couldn't immediately confirm the agenda item, but I spoke this morning with Bernstein, who confirmed that he is pushing for the change in leadership.

I had a wide-ranging discussion with Bernstein, who ticked off a long list of grievances, He's optimistic that his fellow commissioners will see the merit in his argument at this month's meeting. "If I wasn't confident that I could strongly support this position," he said, "I wouldn't be doing this."

I'll elaborate on Bernstein's reasons in my next post. Stay tuned.

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