Alcee Hastings: Haiti Has Many Needs; Politicians Not Among Them

Leave it to that old and ornery quote machine Alcee Hastings to bust up the scrum of politicians descending on Haiti. In a statement that the Central Broward Congressman just released, he opened with the usual buzzwords like "sorrow" and "tragic," but then he gracefully stepped out of the way to allow rescuers to take the focus. Said Hastings:
"One thing that is not needed is a whole lot of politicians tripping over each other to show their newfound compassion for Haiti. The best thing for everyone is to allow those involved in relief efforts to do their job. At this most difficult time, the recovery effort must be free of politics and finger-pointing," said Hastings.
Here, here! But before Hastings could even post his memo, Charlie Crist was dashing into the fray.

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