Scott Rothstein Photo Trip

We're going to start with a photo tour of Rothstein's office. I got the video and am going to post, but I like the idea of starting with a few still shots.

These shots were taken this afternoon, several hours after FBI and IRS agents left the offices after taking what they needed -- documents, email, etc. I was told the office email system was disabled unintentionally by the feds; not sure if it came back up.

One thing not in the photos is Rothstein's eye in the sky, a little video recording bubble in one of the main sections of the law firm. There was also a recording device in the ceiling. Kendall Coffey, who was leading the tour, said he found the surveillance devices very unusual and indicative of his secretive and controlling personality. He was Big Brother; the other lawyers were just trying to do their jobs. For the most part, of course, this is true.

By the way, a reputable source just called me and said Scott Rothstein and his wife, Kim, were spotted eating at the Village Tavern restaurant in Pembroke Pines together about 7:30 p.m. I called the restaurant, and a manager there told me it was news to him. So take it for what it's worth; rumors abound. What is known is that Rothstein has spent a huge deal of time with federal prosecutors since he returned Tuesday.

On to the tour. We'll start with a great, if grainy, shot of Carol Rome, Gov. Charlie Crist, and Scott blowing out the candles on Crist's birthday cake at a fundraiser/party.


Keep in mind that Rothstein paid $52,000 for that damned cake, but boy, is Charlie all over the man's office. There is a slew of photos of Crist, including one of him arm in arm with Rothstein at the Versace mansion during Rothstein's wedding party.

Several more of his photos -- the Guvenator, Sheriff Al Lambert, the Pacino portrait, the Jewish Avenger suit, and more -- come after the jump.

Here's a shot of the Godfather III painting of Pacino on the wall in the inner sanctum just before you step into his main office.



I confess to enjoying that little piece of art, though I have never been able to sit through that particular film. Here's another key piece of memorabilia from the law firm's office wall. It's Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti and it concerns a roast for Lamberti at the Davie/Cooper City Rotary Club that was apparently attended by Rothstein. Lamberti writes: "Scott, thanks for all your support and for always being there for me!"


Lamberti, of course, received huge amounts of campaign money from Rothstein and interests related to him in his run for sheriff.  Following is the shot of Carol Rome, Crist, and Scott blowing out the candles on Crist's birthday cake at fundraiser/party. Rothstein paid $50,000 for that damned cake.


Here's one that got a lot of interest from the press. It's not terribly clear, again there's a reason I'm not a photog, but it's John McCain, Kim, Scott, Carol Rome and Charlie Crist:


A little blurry, I know. The next one is also out of focus. It's Arnold Schwartzenegger with Scott and Kim at a fundraiser for the guvenator at the Rothstein home. 


In Rothstein's office is a giant painting of Venice that is also a flat-screen TV. I don't know how it works, and unfortunately Charles Jones, a Miami public relations man who is pictured here, didn't turn it on.


 The wine there, by the way, is supposedly just the way Rothstein left it before fleeing the country. How about Rothstein's old view: 

That's Kendall Coffey's silhouette there. Here's another shot of a shot. It's Rothstein partying hardily. The writing says, "Scotty baby, thank you for coming. You were the life of the party, Moshe."


 And finally, we have the Jewish Avenger suit given to Rothstein by Broward Commission candidate Steve Geller. It was displayed on a large leather couch in a corner of his office, and it's not a cheap suit, but I doubt it cost as much as Rothstein's gift to Geller of $50,000.



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