Santonio Holmes Still Knows Hometown Belle Glade Like the Back of His Hands -- Literally

Holmes hands.jpg
Photo by Andrew Rush / Post-Gazette
Santonio Holmes is from Belle Glade, and now that he's a Super Bowl MVP wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, you'd imagine that his life in that crime-ridden, rundown berg is a distant memory. But according to the Post-Gazette, Holmes thinks of home every time he washes his hands. One of them has a tattoo that says "Muck." The other is tattooed: "City."

Muck City, apparently, is the unflattering nickname Belle Glade has earned among its survivors.
"I always refer back to everything I did as a kid growing up, where I came from -- Belle Glade. I even have it tattooed on my hands, Muck City," he said earlier this week, showing his Super Bowl XLIII MVP hands. "So definitely I'm always reminded of where I came from, where I grew up, just how rough it was. It's right there, visible to me, every day."

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