Little-Known Gibraltar Bank Will Loom Large in Rothstein Case

rock gibraltor.jpg
Flickr: mel13188
The Rock of Gibraltar: a more stable fixture on the globe than Rothstein's Gibraltar Bank accounts.
With investigators already sifting through the documents left behind in Scott Rothstein's law office on Las Olas, it's only a matter of time before they take their warrants across the street to the front doors of Gibraltar Private Bank and Trust.

The Sun-Sentinel coverage has focused on TD Bank, which is also across the street. But my sources tell me that Gibraltar just might be home to the mother lode.

The man who presides over Gibraltar's office, John Harris, told me yesterday he couldn't comment on the case. He directed me to the bank's marketing department, which in turn directed me to a public relations firm. I asked that spokesman, Peter Whalen, whether his clients at Gibraltar held assets for Rothstein. "They're not going to confirm or deny that," he said, citing federal banking privacy laws.

But today, along with this article, the Miami Herald has posted an inventory of the documents being seized from Rothstein's office, and that's turned up plenty of Gibraltar accounts.

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