Boca Raton: Real Life Cougar Town

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Promo pic of ABC's hit show "Cougar Town"
Long before Demi met Ashton, Boca Raton has been a cougar's lair. You see those botox-boosted, silicone-pumped ladies prowling everywhere, especially Mizner and Blue Martini, occasionally displaying a barely pubescent piece of arm candy.

That was Darin Riggio once. The Boca native was 19 when he first became cougar prey. His predator was 43.

Riggio is now 24, and recently he boasted of his cougar exploits to the AP. The weird thing we noticed: He's now in New York. They should have asked him why he moved from one cougar-rich location to one where they're much more scarce.

Maybe it's more fun to fish in a lake (New York), then to have fish in a barrel (Boca).

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