Welcome to Palm Beach: You'll Like it Better if You Don't Live Here

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At least the snowbirds love it here.
Poor Palm Beach County. First West Palm was named one of the most depressing places in America. Now a new Gallup poll of West Palm, Boca, and Boynton Beach residents has revealed that those most emotionally attached to the area are older snowbirds.

In other words, the biggest fans of Palm Beach don't actually live here. They visit for six blessedly balmy months of the year, develop a nostalgic
affection for the beach and quaint tourist shops, and then conveniently forget about the hurricanes (They're old, after all, and can't remember where they put the TV clicker.)

But don't worry! There were some important points that year-round and seasonal residents agreed on. For example, the vast majority of the 400 respondents don't think their community leaders represent their interests, and a whopping 73 percent don't think "other people care about each other." Most people also agree that Palm Beach is a bad place for talented college graduates.

How comforting. Luckily, the housing market is booming, so for those that really hate living here, it should be easy to pack up and...oh, never mind.

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