The Most Bizarre Police Bulletin of the Week (So Far)

brother mouzone.jpg
Flickr: adrastosno
Brother Mouzone, a hitman character from The Wire who wore a suit and killed with ruthless efficiency.
I know. It's early, but check out this report from the Broward Sheriff's Office in Dania Beach:
A female called 911 and advised that someone knocked on the door at 150 NW 13 Ave. Dania Beach. A man dressed in business suit, with a tie and a briefcase asked the man who answered the door a question and then shot him. The suspect fled the scene in a white, 4 DR Infiniti with dark tint. He is described as black male, in his mid-20s to mid-30s, with a low haircut with waves, and last seen wearing a black business suit.
There are just too many cryptic details not to invite a feverish round of speculation. After the jump, let's play detective.
The suit, tie and briefcase recall Brother Mouzone from The Wire -- or someone who fancies himself a similarly dispassionate, business-like killer.

A fair guess as to the question the shooter asked: confirming the name of the target.

Leaving the scene in an Infiniti? More evidence that this was a professional job. But let's hope it was just a Brother Mouzone wannabe who left a clue behind or has a motive and no alibi.

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