Morning Juice: Bill Retracts Fangs; West Palm to Try Alleged Gang Rapists

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Bill trueblood.jpg
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We don't have you precious Sookie, so chill, Bill.
For those waking to hurricane dread, dawn brings good news:
  • Ana's depressed and falling to pieces. Claudette gives a love tap to the Panhandle. And everybody's stressing about Bill. But fortunately, the latest projections have this hurricane turning north toward open water, reports CBS4's Craig Setzer.
  • Hell with Hurricanes. In Hollywood the parked cars attack. Seriously, check out the weekend's best interview subject, John Marese, the victim of a hit-and-run while in his house. He describes being in his roommate's room where, he sees fit to mention, there's a "dresser full of magazines and DVDs" --  back issues of The Economist, stashed alongside yoga videos, let's assume. "And all of a sudden, man, "Thoomp!" This truck comes flying through..." And somewhere, the nuns in his Catholic school say, "Toldjaso!"
  • In West Palm, the alleged rapists of a 35-year-old woman and her 12-year-old boy in Dunbar Village go to trial tomorrow, reports Susan Spencer-Wendel for the Palm Beach Post.

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