Bum Fights: Do Liberal New Yorkers Know What Happens to Homeless in Florida?

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It's advertised as a way to deal with a city's homeless problem in the most humane way possible -- give 'em one-way tickets out of town. But that's only if the progressives in cities like New York aren't reading headlines like we've got down here, about Florida leading the nation in beating the homeless.

Nor is their sleep disturbed by the news that the Florida Legislature slashed funding for the homeless this most recent session, meaning there's fewer resources to spread among the new arrivals.

Despite that reputation, Florida remains one of the most popular destinations for homeless people with a free bus ticket.

Sure, NYC calls relatives to see if transients are going to find a place to live, but that's easy to fake. Let's face it, for New Yorkers annoyed by the homeless who blight their sidewalks, Florida's out of sight, out of mind. And they're going to bum-rush their homeless population south, they should be helping this state pay for the costs that come with. There's no reason Florida can't make a few bucks off New Yorkers' guilt.

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