Just $150 for the T-Shirt (Hot Chick Sold Separately)

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(T-shirt pictured is not Rogue Elephant merchandise)
Fashion designers find inspiration in the strangest places. For Keith Segal, it was a Fort Lauderdale sales clerk who had the nerve to ask $150 for a T-shirt without guaranteeing him a beautiful woman in the trade. From Segal's hometown Chicago Sun-Times:
About a year and a half ago. Segal attended a wedding in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and visited some of the local boutiques. "I picked up a shirt and said, 'Why is this shirt $150? Are you serious? If I put this on, am I guaranteed to get, like, beautiful women?'"
Well, that depends. If Segal were holding an Ed Hardy T-shirt, then that comes with a guarantee. (Not positive about that, but I can't conceive of another explanation for how this shirt sells.)

Segal's T-shirt company is called Rogue Elephant, and he should have spun a more interesting story about its creation. For instance, that term's been used to describe Sarah Palin, who's now so "out," she's almost "in."

But Segal probably should have done a Google search before he incorporated the company. There appears to be a Rogue Elephant T-shirt store in the U.K.

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