Proof That Love Blooms in Theme Parks and That Happily-Ever-After Is in Pembroke Pines

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parachute jump.jpg
Photo: Icrazyaznl
For Pembroke Pines snowbirds love was born at the top of this ride 50 years ago.
No, I don't have evidence (yet) that this blog made a love connection between USF's star-crossed kicker and the dangerously distracting coed from Fort Lauderdale. But I have found real-world proof that theme park drama leads to storybook romance.

Just listen to Edna Bloom and her husband, Mel, whose bond was forever forged during a terrifying encounter on Coney Island's "Parachute Jump." Edna Bloom told New York's Newsday:
We were stuck at the very top of the ride for an hour and I started crying. Mel tried to soothe me by saying, "If we ever get off will you marry me?" Through my tears I said, "Yes, if we ever get down I'll marry you."

That was 1948. Now, 51 years later, the couple has four children, eight grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren -- plus a winter home in Pembroke Pines.

In addition, there's cinematic precedent for this particular phenomenon, as this clip from The Notebook will attest.

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