Caged Heat: Alleged Ponzi Prince Trapped in Boca Firm's Texas Sweat Lodge

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Photo: Caribbean Cricket
Stanford: Texas Toast
GEO Group and Stanford Group: two very rich businesses with offices in Boca Raton, which have both recently caught flak for acting unethically in their respective industries. Totally unrelated, except for one cruel twist of fate: Allen Stanford, awaiting trial on charges of committing a $7 billion fraud, currently finds himself in a Texas prison operated by GEO Group.

Inmates in GEO Group's Texas facilities have a tendency to riot. Or, to use the euphemisms the company prefers, to participate in a "group disturbance." As you can see from the comments field in that post, inmates say the Boca-based prison operator gouges them -- financially speaking, of course.

But Stanford's complaint, according to this Bloomberg News report, is with the living conditions -- specifically the week-plus Stanford claims he spent without air-conditioning, which is kinda important during a Texas July.

Sounds a bit like Texas-style justice. Maybe if Stanford had second thoughts about that not-guilty plea, the staff will be able to find the AC switch. Besides, Stanford should take note of how the Ponzi king has been livin' large ever since he told the world about his big score.

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