After Craigslist: Is "Hoes and Bitches" Video the Future of Prostitution Advertising?

Having romantic problems? A Pompano Beach man has just what you've been looking for... That is, if you've been looking for "easy girls" or "live ass hoes" or women he says he and his friends have hooked up with recently.

The video above, posted to YouTube by J'Quan Kabal, shows a series of women, each with a note attached, most with a phone number. He says he and his friends met these women through MySpace and MyBootySpace (the "adult myspace"), and he wants you to know that "if you see these girls, you can know they're easy to get with."

"There are all these females in Broward who don't mind sleeping with a lot of guys," Kabal tells me. "So we just round them up and collect them."

He explains: "I'm well-known on MySpace, and people were always asking me, 'Where the females at? Where the females at?' And I help them out, but people want pictures, and I have give the URL links, so I figured we'd just collect them all in one spot for guys."

I called some of the women in the video to ask how they feel about being depicted this way.

Though the video was posted only last week, several of the numbers have been disconnected. One woman in the video, Cassandra, said that she knew a guy named J'Quan but that she didn't know anything about the video. She was stunned to hear that next to her name and number is the note "Known 4 sucking dick." "I don't know anything about this."

Kabal says he's heard back from about half of the women in the video, and surprisingly, many were not upset.

"One girl actually thanked me for hooking her up with a dude," he says. On top of that, more than a few of the women he's "rounded up" have begun turning a profit, he says. "They like fucking, and some guys were willing to pay them," he says. Does he get involved with that end of the business?

"I've heard things like that might be illegal," he jokes.

This video is one of two Kabal has up on the free video-sharing site. He says he used to have more, but YouTube deleted them. After posting naked pictures in some videos, Kabal had his entire account deleted. (He got another one.)

Anyone can locate a woman on the internet, where Kabal recruits from, but he says he's mastered the MySpace pickup. "First I leave them a note saying they're cute," he says. "Then I tell them they'd look a lot cuter with me in the picture next to them, then I say 'j-k, l-o-l."

He adds: "This is definitely the future."

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