With County Cutbacks, It's Dog-Eat-Cat World

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So it looks like our serial cat-killer is probably not human after all. Nor is it the alien Chupacabra. Rather, it's most likely a roving pack of bloodthirsty murderous dogs. Is this supposed to make us feel better?

Juice reported last month that Broward's Animal Care and Regulation Department has been operating with an insufficient number of staff at least for the past year since a consulting firm issued a critical report about the agency. In particular, the study found that the county's animal control lacked field staff -- the workers who are responsible for finding and capturing dangerous animals, like the ones terrorizing the local feline community.

Rather than hire more staff, the cash-strapped county budget-makers are considering a move to privatize the agency. In the meantime, beware of dogs. That goes for cats and humans.

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