Why You Should Hate Atlanta...This Week

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Honestly, Atlanta isn't bad. Mostly good people, good food, etc. But for reasons known only to the sports gods, every South Florida sports team seems to playing Atlanta right now. And it matters. So I guess we have to say, "Fuck Atlanta!"

Chris Volstad (pictured right) had a red-hot performance in very chilly temperatures last night as the Marlins maintained the best record in baseball and took an early division lead on the Braves.

I've said it before, and yes it's still early, but with this line up (42 runs on 66 hits so far this season) and this stable of great young pitchers, you can't help but expect great things.


The Heat were also in Atlanta for a mostly star-free preview of the first round of the playoffs. The Hawks won, but nobody cares. Next week is all that matters now. And the predictions I've seen vary quite significantly. I'm not going out on a limb when I say it will come down to whether Atlanta can stop Wade. But better the Hawks than the Magic, Cavs, or Celtics though.

And to top off this random new feud, the NFL revealed the 2009 schedule yesterday. I'll give you one guess on where the Dolphins are opening the season. The answer is Seattle. Kidding, of course it's Atlanta. The Falcons, a playoff team a year ago, are just the first of several tough early match ups. The Phins, owners of the easiest schedule in 2008, can claim this year's hardest schedule (going from last year's records) in the first half of the 2009 season.

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