How Satan Himself is Helping South Florida Sports

satan baseball.jpg

Save the H. Wayne Huizenga jokes and the easy (but no less true) shots about the new stadium. This is serious. South Florida will win a championship this year, and it is foretold by the number of the beast.

It's so simple I can't believe more religious nuts haven't already made the connection. The franchise was awarded in 1991. The first world series was six years later in 1997. The second came in 2003, six years after that. And here we are, 2009. The third sixth year.

This section of the triptych deal might be the most fun to watch too. If you saw the back-to-back-to-back come-back wins this weekend, you probably said the words "World Series" at some point. Obviously the season is long and blah, blah, blah the regular stuff you say in April. But 11-1. And I'd like to say I predicted this one early.

As for that other team from South Florida, the one with the name and logo that could have been designed by the big, bad guy himself. I wanted to put something smarmy or funny up here this morning about that horrible debacle of a game, but it was really just too sad to roast.

Apparently the Heat solution is avoiding any temptation Satan might provide before game two. Bless 'em.

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