Fort Lauderdale Child-finding Group Considers New, Woefully Misleading Name

Flickr user: Cocker_mom85
Currently, it's called "A Child Is Missing," but the Fort Lauderdale organization founded to quickly circulate reports of missing children to Florida law enforcement may soon name itself after Caylee Anthony.

It's not even the organization's idea. Rather, it's the brainstorm of Orlando-area U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, who told the Orlando Sentinel:
"I have five children. Every parent's worst nightmare is to lose a child," Grayson, D-Orlando, said Wednesday. "We need to do everything we can to prevent that." (bold is mine)
Hmm. Considering that Caylee's parent is accused of murdering her and hiding the body, it isn't really a case of a parent losing a child, is it? So when on the occasion that some parent actually loses his or her child and a search begins, my guess is that parent won't appreciate the name Caylee being associated with his or her missing child case.

But then the Fort Lauderdale organization, which abbreviates itself ACIM, may not be able to consider Grayson's creative pitch on its own merits. That's because Grayson just might convince the federal government to pay $500,000 for ACIM to open shop in the Orlando area.

Want the money? Then take the silly name. Grayson gets some political mileage out of the murdered toddler case. Everybody wins, right?

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