NFL Team Owners May Hawk Jerseys in Lauderdale

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Corporate sponsorship has worked out really well for soccer uniforms.

When NFL team owners meet in Fort Lauderdale in May, they will decide whether the Miami Dolphins will soon become the Wackenhut Security Services Miami Dolphins.

Now, yes, I did take this story up a couple of levels. But what the team owners will be discussing is putting logos on practice jerseys. There's little doubt, though, that putting logos on practice jerseys would be the first step to NFL game uniforms being blanketed with the same type of logos as pro soccer, or in other words, Skoal will soon be deciding if there's more ad potential in a tight end's shoulder pad or a running back's groin.

The decision comes as NFL teams try to grapple with the downturn in the economy, which has affected them, I'm assuming here, not at all. In fact, the league has just signed a $4 billion contract with DirecTV. So that means any logo deal would just be walking-around cash for H. Wayne Huizenga.

Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti -- heir, I'm assuming here, to the dippable cookie fortune -- tells USA Today that NFL teams could use logos to "monetize it any way you want."

As a fan of monetizing, I'll be the first to say Go Wackenhut Dolphins! But the trick is figuring out how to sing the new team song: "The Miami Dolphins/The Miami Dolphins/The Wackenhut Security Services Miami Dolphins Number One." It's a catchy tune if you can stomach it.

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