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I didn't think anyone could do more to help the homeless people of Broward than New Times -- our boxes are frequently used to store blankets and the pages of the "print product" can both warm someone and serve as a feces receptacle, among other applications. But as it turns out, there a few people just a bit saintly-er than we Juicians.

With temperatures expected to drop into the low 40s tonight, Sean Cononie and his crew at the The Homeless Voice shelter in Hollywood will be out doing a little cold weather outreach from 8 p.m. to midnight. They'll be looking under bridges and other places homeless people congregate and plan to give out coffee, blankets and a warm, safe place to spend the night.

It's a nice thing to hear, especially considering this horrifying story from former NYT writer (and true throwback) Charlie LeDuff. The hearts of humans can indeed be colder than ice.

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